BrightRoll DSP/Exchange brand campaigns

BrightRoll is Yahoo’s unified brand for programmatic advertising technology. BrightRoll offers a suite of buy and sell tools (DSP and Exchange), which help advertisers, publishers, and partners connect with consumers across ad formats and devices.  

Worked with brand strategists and copywriters to produce creative and messaging, we created several brand campaigns for BrightRoll DSP and Exchange. All the campaigns have successfully driven revenue and brand awareness for the brands. Leads and traffic have shown significant increase through the paid media banners to 

You & Us / Creative Insight 
Collaboration works best as a partnership of equals. This campaign shows the power of true programmatic partnership by depicting what the client and BrightRoll bring to the table. It shows respect for the client and their needs and how it connects to what BrightRoll can do.

Collaborative Data / Creative Insight 
Using BrightRoll’s current visual system (dotted pattern), we show data that is active, alive, and collaborating. The dotted pattern forms the mouse cursor icon that represent advertisers’ challenges. The main message for this creative direction: collaborative data is at work for you.

Complete Picture / Creative Insight 
Used BrightRoll dotted and mosaic patterns to unveil and show a fuller picture by synthesizing all of Yahoo's diverse.

Look in the Right Place / Creative Insight 
Quality, high performance is easy to find if you look in the right place. This campaign uses a classic 1950s-era style "arrow" sign and points the way to the right place: Exchange's inventory packages.

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