Brand Love Academy

Brand Love Academy from Verizon Media is a year-long membership program for the most important junior to mid-level advertising/marketing clients. It provides the members the growth and development workshops aimed towards building the clients' personal and professional brands. 

The events are launched across four cities: New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and London.  I am in charge of creating the whole branding system and the looking feel, from the initial communications to the events' setup and various collaterals. 

The Manifesto and Objectives

I) Build brands people love  II)  Build platforms people love  III) Build a company people love

The Mark (BLA Heart)

The BLA heart is built from an abstract heart shape, which forms a graphical "window" for the audience to look through. From their professions, the passion and interest, to their own personal branding, Brand Love Academy invites all of us to a new level of perspective and imagination.

Client: Oath / Role: Art Director /