Brand Love Academy x Shinola

Brand Love Academy from Oath is evolving from a one-day event to a year-long membership program for the most important junior to mid-level advertising/marketing clients. I have been in-charge of the new brand identity to embrace the tradition plus inject the new excitement for this new extended program.

To kick off the first member meeting of Brand Love Academy, we teamed up with the master of leather goods and classic bikes, Shinola, to kick off the party in style. Get inspired, make connections, and get ready to uplevel your career.

Creative Insights

A personal brand is just as important as the brand you work for. That’s why Brand Love Academy offers tools to enhance both. We allow members to see their own personal brand and the industry through the lens of their unique passions. By bringing a variety of interests and stories to the BLA table, we set our members up for success - keeping them continually inspired within a supportive framework so they continue to grow and develop their strengths.

Client: Oath / Role: Art Director /